Gold Star Moms Share The True Meaning of Memorial Day


We had an incredible American Gold Star Mother's Day Weekend, thanks so much to so many of you. We took the opportunity to make this video and promote the true meaning of Memorial Day. Please share far and wide, so that the families who have suffered such a tragic loss … [Read more...]

Day One…Didn’t Go Exactly As Planned…

Me--optimistic as I head out for the property inspection...

I had great plans for today. I had planned a little run around the village with my triple jogger and my babies with bigger kids all running nicely behind me. Then I thought I'd get some laundry and schoolwork done. A nice little dip in the pool. Nap time for babies and … [Read more...]



After months of planning, weeks of excitement, and days of packing, my oldest six and my husband are off on the adventure of a lifetime. I woke up yesterday with a pit in my stomach over how much I would miss them and how I wish I was going too. Truthfully, I couldn't … [Read more...]

Bon Voyage!

Stacked Antique Suitcases

Today David and my oldest six girls are leaving on an epic vacation. Through the generosity of their grandparents, they are leaving for three weeks to visit some of the most exotic ports of call on the other side of the globe. And I couldn't be happier for … [Read more...]

Memorial Day is so much more…


Memorial Day to Labor Day...that's the way I measured summer growing up in a small Texas town where summers were long and slow...and hotter than blazes to boot. But as Memorial Day approaches, every mattress sale commercial and overpriced RV advertisement promoting … [Read more...]

American Gold Star Mother’s Day Weekend: Saturday


Still reeling from the excitement of Friday night, I left my home early in the morning to meet up with my good friend and photographer Sally Prissert who took the most beautiful photos of our Gold Star Mothers. American Gold Star Mothers Inc. is actually a veterans … [Read more...]

American Gold Star Mother’s Day: Friday


Preparing for the American Gold Star Mothers Day Weekend included hundreds of hours between dozens of people and thousands of dollars given generously from grateful Americans all across the country. Behind the scenes there were people like Rusty, who worked crazy hours … [Read more...]

Mom, I’m Proud of You…


As parents, we tell our children we are proud of them and how pleased we are with their accomplishments or grades or sportsmanship pretty consistently. At least we try to. In between all the schoolwork, sports practices, training, teaching, and household … [Read more...]